Why use another CMS other than WordPress?

Good question. And for most clients/businesses there is no real reason to do so.
But for some, the restrictions in the WordPress architecture and limitations it brings, possibly along with no suitable plugin for their bespoke needs means it makes financial sense to build something bespoke. Or maybe the security implications that come with WP outweigh the cost for a bespoke solutions.

Either way, our own powerful CMS is another weapon in our armoury that our competitors would love to have, but they don’t!

Our user friendly content management system (CMS) which allows you to easily update your existing content as well as add new sections throughout your site via an intuitive interface was around even before WordPress. So it is a capable piece of software which has evolved over time.  Our own CMS is also responsive, search engine friendly, so you can easily tailor page names, metadata, tags etc.. to maximise the visibility of each page on your site.

The CMS is database driven, in other words, all data is held in a database and can be reused in different parts of the site.  Data only has to be entered or amended once for the affect to be seen throughout the site.

Just a brief selection of what our CMS allows you to add, delete or amend:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Sliders
  • Navigation/Menus
  • Categories
  • Drop Down LOVs
  • Forums
  • Pages
  • Site Map
  • User and Administration Management

Our CMS achieves all this whilst maintaining an overall structure to your site, thus ensuring you achieve a consistent look and feel.  It also provides the ability to have a members area for privileged users, both end-user and administration.