Anyone can design and build a website. Truth or myth?

Well, it’s true. Anyone can. It’s also true that anyone could build a house.

But would you trust a house built by someone who had never built one before? It’s never going to be great. That’s why you get a builder to do it. Sure, it’s more expensive, but the builder is a skilled tradesman, and knows how to build houses. He will work with other trades to make sure your house is fit for purpose. Like architects, plumbers, roofers, electricians and decorators.

A website isn’t a house, but it does have similarities. It needs to be hosted, designed and built correctly. If it’s not, it will always disappoint you.

WWD fuses design and tech to create you a site that is fit for purpose. Without great design, a site looks rubbish. Without solid technical know-how, it won’t function correctly.

We’re not cheap. But we are not expensive either. What we are is value for money. This is different to cheap, this means you get what you pay for. Remember, pay cheap, pay twice.

That’s why the site we build for you will look great, we have a designer who has worked in the industry for years, who has done work for high-end clients, who knows how to make your site portray your business in a professional and creative way.