Website (Web) Design

Website design Wokingham, Reading, Bracknell, Berkshire and Cornwall

I’m sure if you’ve had a good look at this site you will have noticed that we build websites. Well,  we also design them. Obviously we design the ones we build, but just because you don’t want us to build your site, landing page, survey or email shot, doesn’t mean we can’t design it for you.

We come across all sorts of businesses who say they can build sites, design them or indeed both. But being able to build websites doesn’t mean they can design them. We have seen some interestingly designed websites that work and function perfectly, which is a shame, because they are built very robustly and properly, but they look dreadful. Why? Predominantly because although the company claimed to do website design, the person who built it isn’t really a designer. To a hardcore coder, it’s about function over form. To a designer, it’s the other way around. However, as WWD has skills in design, software development and support to name a few, we can provide a good, solid design that looks attractive, coupled with a properly performing website.

But if you some bizarre reason you don’t want us to build your site, and just design it, then why not consider paying for a few hours of design time, to mock-up and create the look and feel of your new site? We can then liaise with your web developer and get our professional  design translated into a website. You’ll find it pays dividends.