Finding an eCommerce solution that fits for your business or plans can be quite complicated and/or daunting.

Do I use a cloud based solution?

Should I use Magento or WooCommerce?

What are the differences between all the solutions available?

Does my chosen platform scale? Will it still perform ok once I have loaded 10,000 products on?

Is it secure? What payments gateways does it support?

Can I integrate it with my POS terminals and my accounts software?

How sophisticated is its shipping options?

What about security, patching, support and maintenance?

Can I have a product selector?

Well, the simple answer, is it isn’t simple!

But that is where we come in. As a professional design house, and more importantly a software developer, we have experience not just in one eCommerce platform but a whole raft of different platforms going back to 2005 when we formed the company; so we have many, many years of experience of the different offerings.

So we know if you could get by with implementing Woo or if you need something quite complex that the likes of Woo and Magento would not suffice and we can then create a bespoke solution for you using our own mega flexible offering. It maybe that you are better off using an out of the box cloud offering. If so, we’ll tell you exactly that.

As we are honest like that. Not the same said for some of our competitors who we have had to pick the pieces up from and start afresh on the correct platform.

So, don’t make an enormous and horrendously costly mistake by using a designer to build your eCommerce platform website for you.
Come and speak to WWD who really know and understand software.