Just a selection of features our own framework provides. But as it’s bespoke it can literally include anything you want!
Obviously as long as you have a budget to suit!

Here comes the boring bit. List below: Or just contact us or call us to discuss your requirements.

E-commerce framework includes
Product Catalog
  • Unlimited Number of Categories & Product
Define unlimited categories and add unlimited products. Allow easy categorisation, drilldown browsing, bread crumb navigation, easy searches and much more for your unlimited products.
  • Custom product attributes
Each product and category is unique and has diverse attributes and specifications. “Off the shelf” solutions often fail to address the need to deal with such uniqueness. Ecommerce framework allows you to provide virtually unlimited attributes to each category and product.
  • Attribute sensitive pricing
Associate customized pricing to each product based on size, colour, weight and other attributes.
  • Customised category, subcategory and product page templates
Display your categories and products with compelling designs and contemporary layouts. E-commerce framework gives you the power of presentation by template customisation.
  • Inventory Tracking and customized status
Comprehensie inventory tracking features allows easy monitoring of inventory. Communicate inventory status to customers, suppliers. Communicate any special status messages like expected procurement and delivery time, temporary unavailability etc.Receive e-mail notification of low stock levels.
  • Product import/export
Export existing databases to external files, spreadsheets , databases or feeds to Froogle. Import data from legacy systems into the product catalog.
Order Processing
  • Payment gateway, Internet merchant account integration
Accept online card payments by integrating with popular payment gateways and internet merchant accouts.
  • Tax Calculations
Apply region specific tax on taxable items during checkout.
  • Customized Shipping Rates
Assign customised shipping rates based on weight, quantity, amount and geographical location.
  • Automated procurement and delivery
Make your suppliers and vendors the part of the sales process. Notify them of the orders and let them deliver products from their warehouse.
Marketing and Promotions
  • News letters & promotions
Create customised promotional emails using content managed pages, run a mailing campaign.
  • Search Engine
Ability to define, customized keywords, meta tags and description from the top most site level to the bottom most product level. Best practices in search engine friendly page and url generation.
  • Sales, special offers, discounts
Conduct site, category or section wide sale or special offers. Select a category and apply drill down discounts on all products below it. Add validity and expiry dates to offers.
  • Related product groups
Encourage add-on sales by displaying related items at the bottom of product pages.
  • Minimum order discounts, free shipping, member discounts and volume pricing
Promote repeat business by providing member discounts, encourage bulk purchases by offering minimum order discounts, free shipping for orders above a certain amount.
Shopping Features
  • Dynamic Cart summary
Summary of cart items, total amount and checkout option son each page.
  • Registration & membership features
Simple and straight forward registration pages, ability to store shipping and delivery addresses. Personal order history.
  • Wish Lists/ Email a friend/Product reviews
Visitors can add items to a wish list and drop a hint to friends and family. They can email a product to friend, read reviews by other users.
  • Gift wrap and messages
Feature to allow users to chose an item for gift wrapping and attaching a customised message with the gift wrap.
  • Search catalog
A set of simple and advanced search features to quick find the product visitors are looking for. They can search by name, description, attributes, category, prices and even special key phrases.
  • E-Gift Vouchers
Buy gift vouchers online, gift it via an email to friends and family.
Store Management
  • Order, sales and transaction reports
Track new orders, fulfill them. View comprehensive reports of sales by category, product, month, user. Study abandoned baskets and failed transactions.
  • Online administration and content management
Tweak and tune system settings, manage various sections, enable/ disable various pages, edit content managed pages like managers corner,news and updates.
  • E-Mail Confirmations
Send and recieve instant e-mail notification when an order has been placed. Content manage e-mails.
Value added service and support
  • E-commerce strategy, competition study and market research
We can conduct the competition study and suggest the best fit strategy for venturing into the e-commerce business. Based on this study we decide the scope of project, estimated marketing efforts to penetrate the market.