So why is WWD called Wokingham Website Design and are you actually based in Wokingham?

Yes and No.

We are indeed based in Wokingham. Yes we do have an office here, contrary to what our competitors like to say. But we also have an office in Bracknell. So technically not in Wokingham. And we also have an office and our main software development and support, hence DevOps, is now down in Cornwall.
So when you are getting quotes for your website and A.N.Other Bite company in Wokingham says, “Oh they are not based in Wokingham, didn’t you know”, then you can tell them we are and we’re more than happy to give them a cup of tea and a biccy if they’d like to drop by for a chat. But then again perhaps coming along to Wokingham from SW London isn’t exactly popping in?

Wokingham Website Design came about purely as back in the early 00’s the easiest way to optimise a local service in the search engines was to utilise a localisation in the domain name. As that was before the days of Google Local/Google My Business and the Yahoo/Bing equivalents.

So now that is cleared up. We can visit you locally within a 30 minute drive from Wokingham Town Centre.
Perhaps that is why we have so many clients in the Wokingham/Bracknell area?
But we also can visit clients in the Cornwall and Plymouth regions if that is required too.

So anywhere in Berkshire really hence why we like to say we can offer Web Design in Berkshire.