Mobile App Development

If you are looking for a partner to work with to take your mobile app and develop it with you then you have come to the right place. We have extensive experience in building on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms for both tablets and smart phone devices. We have a dedicated  app development team  that have a wealth of skills in API integrations, building the middle tier platform as well as the back end systems that house and support the applications on the mobile devices. As we are also a professional design house we can cater for the design, the end user interface and therefore the user experience and flow. We test the entire stack from client to back end build and all of this is done by ourselves meaning just the single point of contact for you.

Why Us?


Mobile apps tend to be inherently complex from the many different aspects required to master during the development lifecycle. Whether that be from understanding the end user experience, the actual business model, how it functions on different platforms and devices as well as any 3rd party interactions required.

Of course all the questions that are raised from the above won’t have answers straight away. We understand this totally. We work on the basis that we know the your needs will almost certainly change from the initial stages of consultancy and design so we are totally flexible in our approach to allow your requirements evolve during the development process of your mobile app.

Development technology and platform choice

As with any software development project there is no simple single way to achieve your end goal. It could be a selection of choices that make most sense:

  • Native apps
  • HTML5
  • Hybrid – Native plus HTML5
  • Cross platform development

Spending valuable time at the beginning of the project during the consultancy stage where we take time to ensure we fully understand your business objectives will pay dividends in the scope of the entire project as it will provide the base to fully meet your expectations such as ensuring your app is delivered on time, on budget and most importantly on the right technology platform that best supports your business and gives your customers the best possible experience.

Some of the major decision areas to think about are:

  • Any cost and time constraints
  • Complexity of what you want the app to achieve
  • Any specific hardware access requirements
  • Any specific User interface or User experience considerations
  • The back end / Database / Integration complexity
  • Live Support and on-going maintenance considerations
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Some recent mobile app development projects we have undertaken

E-Commerce / Payment gateway

Content management system

Personalisation and customization

Video messaging

Push notifications: time triggered / location triggered / event triggered

Location based services

Map service integration

Social media integration

Enquiry and booking management

Enterprise mobility

Surveys / rating systems

Addressbook integration

Data storage within app

Hardware access camera / gyroscope/ accelerometer