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Search Engine OptimiSation

Is your website positioned anywhere on the search engines for generic search keywords & phrases?
Why is the website, in which you've invested so much time, effort and considerable money not performing as you expected?

The answer lies in effective "search engine strategy", or the lack of it. Most website design companies do not give due credit to the fact that online business is far more sophisticated then creating a fancy looking website. The reason why we term it as "search engine strategy" is because there is lot more involved in this process besides search engine optimization and search engine submissions. To us, successful 'search engine strategy' means the on-going consideration, review and analysis of the following areas:

  • Keywords survey
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine submissions
  • Linking strategy and affiliate programs
  • Pay per clicks (PPC)
  • Submissions to directories
  • Continuous monitoring and updating