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WWD expand to offer premium design services
WWD are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with local talented designer Tim Marotto of 'TimMo Ltd'.  An area we are not bad in, to be honest, but not as good as we are at understanding business requirements, logic and programming as well as our legendary support. So we wanted to ensure our entire offering was of the highest quality and additionally 100% throughout our entire service offering. So hence the partnership with TimMo.

Tim is an experienced graphic designer who owns the company 'TimMo Ltd'. He comes with over 20 years experience in design. He has created designs for both web and print for large corporates such as O2, 3M, Post-it, Marks and Spencers, the BBC, the NHS and Weight Watchers, not to mention dozens more small to medium sized businesses. He has worked at each end of the scale, both for small printers and large agencies. Fluent in all the major design packages, he is capable of creating eye-catching yet usable design for clients in a wide range of industries including advertising, print, property, medical, sport, recruitment, construction, retail, education, manufacturing, food and beverage, entertainment, and marketing.

WWD and Timmo Ltd have teamed up to bring professional websites to YOUR business. With WWD's solidly performing and technically perfect websites and Tim's professional, agency standard design, your website will look amazing, and function beautifully.

Additionally wth TimMo onboard we can now offer services such as design for brochures, flyers, online ads, HTML emails, social media, lorries, vans, datasheets, leaflets, letterheads, business cards, billboards, magazines, newspapers, packaging and direct mail pieces.
Something sadly lacking from our portfolio in the past.

In fact if it goes on the web, or to print, TimMo can design it and if it goes on the web, WWD can build it!

Get in touch through our normal channels if you would like to talk to us about these latest offerings to enhance both your traditional and digital marketing campaigns/initiatives.